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Pawnshops had been very popular among many people at different countries since it is very easy to gain cash. You can definitely guarantee a loan by just having something that is valuable. It is ideal if you need extra funds in case of emergency. You don’t have to worry since you can never drown in debt unlike other loan agencies. People found banks as their least option for their financial needs and rather turn to others like informal lenders, cooperatives and pawn shops. People always need extra little cash to pay for important bills like groceries, clothes, rent, and many more. And so if you need an instant and fast cash source, you can always depend on

majorpawnWe have been providing efficient and reliable online pawn shop services since 1989. With this great experience, we can assure you that all your needs will be provided. Our very committed staffs offer all our valued customers an honest and convenient pawnbroker service as their 100% satisfaction is our major concern.

We serve people throughout New York and in areas like Queens, Suffolk County and Nassau County. We offer people on these areas to sell gold and silver, receive cash for diamonds and other valuable possessions as well as to get instant cash loans.

Here at, we ensure our customers an easy and reliable selling or pawning experience. You can get your cash right away from selling or pawning your valuable items since our repayment terms are very flexible and our pawn loans have a low interest rate. We purchase valuable items like coins, watches, diamonds, jewelleries, gold and other items whether it is new, old or even broken. For all your valuable items in any condition, we provide competitive rates on pawn loans and cash on the spot.

We know that there are various local pawn shops out there but, the thing that set us apart from them is that we make it easy as 1-2-3 for people to get pawn loans. We are an online pawn and jewellery shop that offers quick cash for gold and other valuable items thus, making us to gain great reputation among many people. If you have a broken watch, our staff will still assess it and offer you reasonable rates unlike of the other companies. Our goal is to provide you an excellent pawn broker service to meet and exceed all your needs and requirements. We also offer cash for gold and diamonds if you want to get loans on jewellery without the intention of repaying them. We call this offering as our “no strings attached” principle. This means that you don’t have to pay your loans if you don’t want to. Your merchandise can also be sold to non-payment events. It is definitely a great service for people since the decision is completely into you. You can also get top dollar from our New York pawn shops since we ensure that our interest rates are state-regulated and well managed. These things made people to continuously choose us to sell diamond, gold or other valuables and gain instant cash loans.

With, you can exchange your valuables for instant cash, repay pawn loan with interest and bring items for a pawn loan offer. You should remember that we only provide online pawn shop services for people that are at least 18 years old and above for you to loan, sell or pawn. You must also have a valid ID in order to do a pawn exchange. Additional reminders that you need to pay attention is to call in advance to redeem your merchandise, pay only the finance charge to extend your loan, and bring your original ticket for all transactions. You can receive your cash for your valuable items immediately by just entering into a sales agreement. If ever you want to receive loan for your items, you need to agree on the terms first and in 4 months at 3% interest per month, you can now have your ticket indicating the amount of your loans and will be received in cash.

If ever you don’t have the cash to repay your loan prior to your due date, you can pay for finance charges to extend your loan for up to 4 months. You don’t also have to worry if you didn’t get your merchandise since all items our safely kept in our store in safe deposit. If you want to pick up your items, you just have to call the telephone number on your white pawn ticket and we will arrange everything for you. You can truly rely on for all your instant cash needs. Our dedicated and hardworking associates are always happy to serve and give you convenient pawn shop services.

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